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Well folks,it's officially over. Ashlar Designs survived four intense days at BMEX 2015 where we launched our new "Bright Lights" jewellery line and our "Safari" African print accessory line fro Barbados' 2015 Crop Over festival.

Our Bright Lights line is a collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings made from neon ribbon, fabric and thread. By combining the traditional method of crochet with the use of vibrant neon colours, Ashlar Designs put a modern/trendy twist on an old classic to create its beautiful and eye catching "Bright Lights" jewellery line.

The  Iris Necklace is made from neon yellow and orange super duo beads. 

The Safari Line utilises high quality African print fabrics sourced locally in Barbados, regionally in Trinidad and internationally from Nigeria. We used these unique fabrics to hand craft our exclusive line of African print bags, belts, earrings and other accessories.

BMEX 2015 provided Ashlar Designs with an opportunity to gain widespread exposure, valuable media coverage and useful feedback from existing and potential clients.


 In addition to the new Bright Lights and Safari Lines, Ashlar also showcased some of its timeless classics including the Wedding Line and Sparkle.

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